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We can offer the following stone cleaning systems, matched with the correct access, to ensure the best results:

  • Doff/Torik 150°C superheated pressure washer

  • TORC Stone cleaning system

  • Softwash

  • Biocide and an array of exterior cleaning products

  • Sealant to extend the life of the clean

Our products are designed to clean and prevent permanent damage and weathering to your building exterior. This includes stonework, glass, metal, cladding, and other common building exterior materials. Ensuring your site's exteriors are clean is essential for building preservation as well as enhancing a building's aesthetics and appeal.

If your site needs a high-rise or high-level external cleaning project over 60ft, we have a range of options you can explore. We will aim to complete works quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption. When booking your works, we will try our best to accommodate your schedule and working needs.

We provide a range of external façade cleaning solutions, utilizing both rope access techniques and Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs). We employ a wide range of techniques and materials to ensure we can provide the best quality service possible. A simple site survey from our specialists will allow us to determine the right solution for your needs.

Specialist Façade Cleaning

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