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We offer a bespoke cleaning to both internal and external scenic lifts:


  • Glass cleaning

  • Gutter sealing and waterproofing

  • Pit and steel structure cleaning

  • Finishing on the cab and the surrounding areas


Our team of experienced technicians utilise a range of advanced cleaning techniques to remove dirt, grime and smudges from external and internal glass. As every building architecture is unique, we mirror this approach with every client we service for. Adapting to your access needs ensure that we are able to provide the best results quickly and efficiently.


Regular cleaning of scenic lifts boasts a range of benefits:


  • With clean and clear windows passengers are able to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape free from obstruction.

  • A well maintained lift system reflects positively on your property and will allow you to leave a lasting impression to visitors

  • Regular cleaning prevents environmental damage and prolongs the quality and longevity of the feature, resulting in few maintenance costs and cosmetic repairs

Scenic lifts are a fantastic feature for any building and maintaining this building feature can be challenging. Our professional cleaning services elevate your lift experience for both internal and external features.

Scenic Lift Cleaning

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