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We use a variety of techniques and products based on the assessment of the condition of the limescale, such as:


  • Pumice powder

  • A slightly abrasive professional glass cleaner

  • Glass polishing


There are many causes for external limescale build-up. The most common cause is wet weather conditions causing the lime to leave the masonry of the building and track down onto the exterior glass. This results in hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits and most importantly limescale.


We understand the unique characteristics of your building and offer customised treatment plans to address specific challenges to ensure we deliver optimal results. Our services encompass a wide range of surfaces affected by limescale including glass, metal, stone and tiling, with many techniques restoring glass quality from heavy scratches and blemishes. Regular removal of limescale not only enhances the visual appeal of a building but also protects structural integrity, value preservation and investment potential.

Building Exteriors can become subject to limescale build-up for a variety of reasons. Our professional limescale removal services are designed to remove stubborn build-up and improve the aesthetics of your property portfolio.

Building Limescale Removal

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