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Our maintenance services cover the following repairs and inspections:


  • Resin repairs to wooden frames and sills using TimberCare or similar.

  • Full redecoration including re-puttying of the glazing.

  • Cleaning of the glazing and associated framework.

  • Visual and tactile inspection, including moisture tests.



Maintaining sash windows is essential for preserving the character, functionality, and value of your property. These iconic windows are not just architectural features; they are a reflection of history and craftsmanship, often found in historical and heritage buildings. Without regular maintenance, sash windows can deteriorate, leading to issues such as rot, decay, and reduced energy efficiency.


By investing in sash window maintenance, you can prevent these problems and extend the lifespan of your windows. Proper maintenance ensures that your windows operate smoothly, enhancing ventilation and airflow while minimizing drafts. This, in turn, improves energy efficiency, making the property more comfortable and environmentally friendly.


Moreover, well-maintained sash windows are safer for occupants and visitors, as they reduce the risk of hazards such as glass breakage or malfunctioning hardware. Ultimately, sash window maintenance is not just about preserving the beauty of your property but also about ensuring its safety, functionality, and sustainability for years to come.

We specialise in preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your sash windows. With our dedicated maintenance team, we offer unparalleled expertise in restoring, repairing, and enhancing these architectural features.

Sash Window Repair and Maintenance

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