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Slate Tile Safety: Preserving Historic Buildings

In London's busy streets, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to preserving historic buildings. When slate tiles started slipping from a building's façade, posing a danger to pedestrians below, LDT Contractors acted quickly to repair the damage and find a solution that protected public safety and respected the building's history.

The slate tiles on the building façade posed a serious hazard as they were slipping from their fixings, posing a risk of falling onto a bustling London street below. To mitigate this risk, we swiftly installed a lightweight debris net to intercept any loose slate tiles, preventing them from reaching the ground and potentially causing harm.

Our team mobilised for the project within a week and efficiently completed the installation within a two-week timeframe. Given the temporary nature of the netting solution and the listed status of the building, we took special care to employ non-intrusive techniques when affixing the netting. This ensured that the integrity of the façade remained intact, adhering to preservation standards while effectively addressing the immediate safety concerns posed by the loose slate tiles.


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