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Renewing Elegance: Sash Window Restoration

LDT Contractors was approached by a prominent London Hotel to assess and perform restoration works to their historic sash windows to ensure this historical feature retains its charm, structural integrity, and timeless appeal for future patrons.

Upon completing a thorough façade survey, which revealed significant damage to frames and elevated moisture levels in the wood, LDT Contractors undertook the challenging task of repairing sash windows and window sills within a prestigious hotel environment. Given the exclusivity of the establishment, traditional scaffold installation was impractical, leading us to employ rope access as the sole viable method for executing repairs.

Conducting a meticulous assessment enabled our team to pinpoint areas of the building requiring specialised care and immediate attention. Careful planning ensured the safety and efficiency of our rope access operations. With the aid of specialised equipment, we successfully repaired the wood, eliminated rot, and applied resin for restoration. Additionally, added a fresh coat of paint on the frames to enhance both protection and aesthetics.  Finally we offered a 10 year product and workmanship guarantee on the works.

Our efforts resulted in the successful restoration of damaged sash windows and window sills to their original condition, significantly improving the overall aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the building. The exceptional service and craftsmanship we provided surpassed client expectations, garnering high levels of satisfaction.

In summary, the rope access repair of damaged sash windows and window sills in the hotel façade serves as a testament to our expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication to delivering superior solutions, even in the most challenging environments.


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