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Innovative Solutions: Overcoming Access Challenges in Building Maintenance and Restoration

In the world of building maintenance and restoration, challenges often arise that demand creative solutions. Our teams were tasked by Oxford Union to rebuild and repair a red brick chimney damaged from consistent water ingress.


The chimney had been plagued by water ingress issues for some time, leading to a full removal and replacement, in addition to the application of new lime mortar to areas where the original mortar had failed. Due to the location and structure of the building this particular project needed a flexible access solution.


The primary challenge of this project was the significant access restrictions surrounding the chimney, and the use of the adjoining property roof was completely off the cards due to various constraints.

With the present number of challenges in this project our rope access team created an unconventional yet effective solution. Our team constructed a bespoke working platform that created a sturdy base for the build team to perform the necessary repairs and creating a stable and secure working environment.

With the working platform in place, the team proceeded with the removal and replacement of the chimney and applying new lime mortar to areas in need of repair. Despite the challenges posed by the project, the team flexibility and engineering access solutions ensured that the works were completed with quickly and efficiently. 

Once the repairs were successfully carried out, our teams deconstructed the platform, leaving behind no trace of their presence other than a meticulously restored chimney.  

In conclusion, the successful repair of the red brick chimney serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative solutions in overcoming access challenges. By thinking outside the box and leveraging specialised expertise, the team was able to restore the chimney to its former glory, providing a lasting solution to the problem of water ingress.


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