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Enhancing Safety and Comfort: Double Glazed Unit Replacement at Lyra Court

In response to the identified damage to two Double Glazed Units (DGUs) within the Lyra Court student accommodation block, our team was tasked with their removal and replacement. The DGUs were crucial components for maintaining energy efficiency and providing comfort to the inhabitants. Due to their internal glazing, special safety measures were necessary to ensure a seamless and secure replacement process.

The Challenge

Our expertise in working at height and, given the accommodation block's height, ensuring the safety of both the workers and the building occupants during the replacement process was a critical element to consider when completing this project. In addition to this, the nature and construction of the building's internal glazing of the DGUs posed a significant challenge as it required intricate manoeuvring and safety precautions to remove and replace them without causing disruption or hazards to the occupants.

The Solution

The team prioritised safety by setting up internal safety lines to mitigate any potential falls from heights during the removal and replacement of the DGUs. Comprehensive safety briefings and protocols were established to ensure all team members were well-equipped and informed. Our specialised rope access team executed the replacement process seamlessly. While the internal team focused on preparing the site and removing the damaged DGUs, the rope access team handled the external aspects of the project with precision and expertise.

The successful replacement of the damaged DGUs was met with positive feedback from the client. The newly installed units restored the functionality and aesthetics of the student accommodation block, enhancing the overall living environment for its occupants.


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